AnyLogic Simulation Software

Get A Lightweight System That Can Efficiently Run Multiple Simulations. Learn How AnyLogic Is Perfect For Your Needs.

AnyLogic is the ideal tool for simulations that have a large amount of iterations with complicated requirements. Because it’s so lightweight, it can complete a number of simulations more quickly than other tools, giving you more insights, sooner.

AnyLogic provides:

  • Accurate simulation of complex events
  • A powerful multimethod modeling environment
  • Supporting all three modern types of simulations
  • A unique set of industry-specific tools
  • Data interoperability between a variety of forms of data storage

AnyLogic Simulation Software

AnyLogic is a powerful simulation tool that supports Discrete Event, Agent Based, and System Dynamics Simulation. It’s capable of accurately modeling complicated events, making it the perfect tool to provide actionable insight into how to improve extremely complex operations.

It gives users access to a comprehensive suite of digital assets, ensuring that you’re able to model most situations. Even if you can’t find the right visual asset in the library of AnyLogic models and other assets, you’re able to import your own custom designs easily.

No matter what industry you need to model, there’s a powerful library of tools included, each of which is designed to work for unique industry’s requirements.

You can run simulations off of any device by leveraging the fact that AnyLogic can use powerful computing resources in the cloud. This makes it the perfect choice to show results to key stakeholders, as you can run it on another computer, tablet, or even a phone.

AnyLogic gives you access to a powerful testing environment, giving you the flexibility you need to experiment with a variety of modelling techniques as you learn to use the software.

The software works along with a wide range of data storage solutions, including, but not limited to, Oracle, Excel, MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and text files.

Additionally, the customizable platform comes with comprehensive support from the AnyLogic team, ensuring that you’ll have resources to guide you through the modelling process.

AnyLogic Product Matrix

Identify the version that meets your requirements

Feature Free
Areas of Use
Education and Self-Education
Public Research in Universities2
Commercial Projects and Private Research
Modeling Methods
System Dynamics
Agent Based
Discrete Event
Model Development Environment
Support of Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems
Visual Notation for Model Development
(e.g. Libraries, Action Charts, Statecharts, Equations, Events, Functions, Parameters, etc.)
Model Code Writing Assistance
(e.g. Auto Code Completion, Pop-Up Context Documentation, Syntax Highlighting)
Integration with GIS Maps
Basic Model Debugging
(Inspect Window at Runtime, Tracing, Messages, Step-by-Step Execution)
Professional Model Debugging
(e.g. Breakpoints, Conditional Breakpoints, Watching All Model Variables incl. Java Variables, Expressions Evaluation, Line-by-Line Execution, Java Level Debugging)
Technical Support and Model Building Assistance
View on Event Queue
Teamwork and version control system (SVN) Integration
CAD Drawing Import
Database Connectivity
Built-in Database for Each Model
Components for Work with Excel and Text Files
Components for Work with Any Database
(MS Access, MS SQL, My SQL, Oracle, etc.)
Professional Components
(Query, Key Value Table, Insert, Update)
Custom Libraries Development and Use
Process Modeling Library
Pedestrian Library limited
Rail Yard Library limited
Road Traffic Library limited
Fluid Library limited
2D and 3D animation
Business Graphics
(e.g. Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Stack Chart, Plots, Histograms)
Basic Controls
( e.g., Check Box, Radio Button, Button, Slider, Edit Box)
Professional Controls
(e.g., List Box, File Chooser, Combo Box, Progress Bar)
Exporting Models
Export to
Simulation Applet (Java Applet)
Simulation Applet with OptQuest
Simulation Application (Standalone Application)
Simulation Application with OptQuest option
Experiment Framework
Simulation Experiment
Parameter Variation Experiment
Optimization Experiment limited
Compare Runs Experiment
Monte Carlo Experiment
Sensitivity Analysis Experiment
Calibration Experiment
Custom Experiment
Automatic Model Converter from Vensim®
Saving, Restoring and Exporting Simulation Output from Experiment
User Interface
Saving and Restoring Model Snapshot
Model Size
Unlimited Number of Agent Types in One Model limited to
Unlimited Number of Embedded Agents/Blocks in One Agent limited to
Unlimited Number of System Dynamics Variables in One Agent limited to
Unlimited Number of Dynamically Created Agents limited to
  • 1 The free PLE (Personal Learning Edition) license is restricted to be used solely for classroom instruction and personal learning. For any kind of commercial or research activities, you must obtain other type of license. See the license agreement for more details.
  • 2 AnyLogic University Researcher license may be purchased only by educational institutions. This license is restricted to be used solely in public research activities. See the license agreement for more details.
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