Multi-method software for supply chain network design, analysis, and optimization from the team that brought you AnyLogic

Includes two features to address Supply Chain challenges

Analytical Method

Where the Supply Chain is represented as a set of equations which quickly provides results but does not tell the entire story.

Simulation Modeling

Where the Supply Chain system is represented as a set of objects and the rules that describe the behavior of the objects and their interactions that help visualize the network and provide a higher level of detail. Most Supply Chain optimization tools ONLY use analytical methods!

anyLogistix is software for the end to end design, analysis and optimization of your supply chain, to be utilized for both strategic and operational tasks

Inside-Out Approach

Optimize virtually before expensive investment utilizing these key features

Describe restrictions as they are. Do not spend your time and effort trying to “translate” them into formulas.

Every supply chain is unique and comes with unique behaviors. Simulation with modeling allows you to capture the idiosyncrasies at every level of detail.

Thanks to their interactivity, anyLogistix models not only allow you to see the outcome, but to investigate how it was achieved.

Take into account causalities in your supply chain model to reflect its behavior accurately.

Simulation modeling technologies of anyLogistix allow you to capture the random behavior of your network, which means evaluating and reducing risks.

Your model is not a black box. Having it animated allows you to visually see how the model is working, giving your results credibility. In addition, it allows you to trace and solve problems in the model yourself, without having to call the support team.

Change the network design, ordering and transportation policies yourself to check what-if scenarios, test sensitivity of your supply chain to environment changes, and more.

Quickly amend and extend the behavior of supply chain elements in anyLogistix or using AnyLogic Professional to add more details to the model.

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