Ryan Hutchinson

Director Business Development

MONEYBALL: Have you been at this table before?

Love the movie Moneyball. It is a great example of what numbers can do to answer those tough questions you have about your operations. How you can build a team around statistics rather than emotional decisions is paramount in it’s simplicity.

On Our Watch – Part 2

I’m writing this post because I feel I left some things unsaid from my last post – On Our Watch. This was mainly spurred from the great comments from fellow engineers who were caring enough to share their thoughts and experiences working as an engineer.

On Our Watch

I am disappointed in my fellow engineers. Lately our world has been affected in a negative way due to our actions. I’m talking about the recent investigations into the automotive industry and our lack of action in preventing this from occurring. As an engineer we are responsible for ensuring that we put public safety first

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple w/ Simulation

In my past experience I have worked on both the engineering side as well as the client when evaluating project scope. Too often I have seen infrastructure incorrectly designed and for many reasons but mostly due to the unknowns or even the known unknowns. Many business development representatives and project engineers want to have more

Seeing is Believing!

Visual Analytics is key to validating simulation models. Allowing the decision makers to gain comfort that the model is performing as it was intended is being able to see their operations live and breathe with their operators and external forces in a virtual environment. MOSIMTEC‘s 3D simulation models not only provide that validation by allowing