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Fuel costs

Carrier pricing

Capacity shortfalls

Alternate fuels

Panama Canal widening



Climate change


Inventory cost

Reordering strategy


Warehouse planning

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Make informed investment and operational decisions by simulating your network

Complex systems, such as Supply Chains with numerous interconnecting subsystems, are extremely difficult for decision makers to make truly informed decisions at a strategic and tactical level. The problem is significantly compounded when considering the variability in these systems. Companies experience this challenge when rolling out a new service offerings or extending services to new markets.

Such complex problems in logistics, supply chain and transportation can be addressed by using the latest developments in computer simulations. For instance, simulating your fleet of trucks and their schedules can help you identify their utilization over time and space. Modeling your rail network can help you balance the demand and supply for railcars and asset capacity at rail yards. Simulating inventory levels helps define storage capacity requirements and selecting optimum mode of transportation, balancing operating and capital expenditures.

Case Studies

See how simulation has been applied in Logistics and Supply Chain

Oil and Gas Transload Facility

Oil and Gas Transload Facility

Development of Transload Facility Model for Analyzing Capacity Constraints

Visualization through Simulation

Visualization through Simulation

Chromite Producer – Visualization of Planned Infrastructure and Operations Using Analytical Model

Material Handling

Material Handling

Fertilizer Producer – Evaluation of Plans for New Underground Mine and Material Handling System

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Mining Corporation – Designing Complex Bulk Rail and Shipping Based Supply Chain from Storage to Open Ocean

Rail Network

Rail Network

Regional Rail Operator - Impact Study of New Infrastructure on Regional Rail Network and on Local Community

Intermodal Terminal

Intermodal Terminal

Regional Rail Operator - Container Terminal Operations and Rail Yard Simulation

Chemical Manufacturer

Chemical Manufacturer

Integrated Global Supply Chain Model

Simulating your fleet, terminals and extended supply chain in a virtual environment allows you to solve the problems you may be facing.

We would like to help


We offer logistics, transportation and supply chain managers with simulation development and data analysis capability. You can engage our team of simulation experts for outsourced services, managed services our supplementing your in-house capabilities.


Learn how you can maximize your human capital to use the power of simulation for answer your complex questions. MOSIMTEC’s experienced professionals bring lessons learned from their consulting engagements to educate clients on best practices in model development.

Software & Support

As a company focused on modeling & simulation, we are knowledgeable in a range of industry leading tools. We offer advice on tool selection, software support and provide software licenses.

our clients said

  • Everyone here is impressed. That demo sparked a conversation about how we could use [System of Slavery model] to come up with smart strategies and potentially collaborate with partners. Of course there are follow up questions as we all try to get our brains around the model, but the value was clear to everyone in the room.

    Senior Executive, Global Systems Strategy, Global Fund to End Slavery
  • Especially taking the variability into account … that's phenomenal what you guys are doing.  Light years ahead of all of our other customers.

    Specialist Rail Network Capacity, Class I Rail Carrier
  • The modeling work performed by MOSIMTEC was a lot of use to our organization; providing great data, shared at all levels, and used for making decisions.

    Principle Engineer at Medical Device Manufacturer
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