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Drill Down Into Mine Operations By Using Advanced Simulation

Leverage insights generated by our simulation experts to gain a holistic view of your mine. You can reduce waste, ensure a smoother transportation of materials, better manage staff, and improve operations as a whole.

When you use MOSIMTEC’s mining simulation models, you will gain actionable insights that:

  • Reduce waste generated
  • Optimize transportation scheduling
  • Better manage labor
  • Minimize maintenance costs

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Why Your Mining Operation Needs Our Simulation Solutions

Every large mining operation has dozens of different moving pieces that, if the venture is to be successful, must be properly managed and improved upon. However, there are so many moving parts that getting them to work together, efficiently, can become a challenge. That’s where MOSIMTEC’s mining simulation models and mining consulting services come into play. We deliver powerful tools backed by comprehensive expertise that will help you:

With our powerful mining simulation tools, you can get a complete view of each area of the mine and anticipate where delays may occur along the supply chain. As a result, you can adjust resources to mitigate against this, and ensure that you are making shipments on time.

Whether it is time, resources, or product, there is always something wasted in any operation. Mining is no exception to this. With so many staff, processes, machines, and other moving pieces, there are waste reductions that can be made by using insights generated by MOSIMTEC’s mining simulation software and consulting.

Once ore has been extracted by the mining operation, it needs to be transported to a stockpile, a processing plant, or a customer. However, this is not a straightforward process. How many trucks, trains, conveyors, or ships will will be needed?  Where are the bottlenecks and constraints that prevent the supply chain from moving smoothly?  Simulation is the perfect tool to answer these difficult, yet critical question.

Mining operations employ a variety of staff and labor, including electricians, mechanics, engineers, and many more. Each of these are needed to keep your mining operation running smoothly. However, keeping all these staff organized in such a way that the mine is as productive as possible is an extremely challenging task. Mining simulation software and consultation can provide guidance on how to organize people.

You can gain a holistic view of how your staff interact with machinery and the mine in general. Additionally, you can estimate the impact of no-shows, labor productivity levels, or a contracted workforce on the bottom line.

Mine operators struggle to balance preventive maintenance against unplanned downtime.  Simulation models can assess the effects of changes in availability as a result of changes in maintenance strategies e.g. opportunistic maintenance vs planned maintenance.  Also, simulation modeling can determine the best time to replace assets given maintenance costs, failures and repair frequencies, and utilization.

Processing ore is an expensive and complicated operation.  Thus, understanding the effect of process changes on the overall cash performance of the business as opposed to local (sub) optimization is of primary importance.

Some questions that help in assessing these changes are:  What future constraints might hurt recovery and throughput?  If plant reliability can be altered (improved), is there improvement in tonnage and recovery? Is the improvement substantial to warrant the investment?

Case Studies

See how simulation has already been applied in other Mining organizations.

Visualization through Simulation

Visualization through Simulation

Chromite Producer – Visualization of Planned Infrastructure and Operations Using Analytical Model

Material Handling

Material Handling

Fertilizer Producer – Evaluation of Plans for New Underground Mine and Material Handling System

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Mining Corporation – Designing Complex Bulk Rail and Shipping Based Supply Chain from Storage to Open Ocean


Take a look at some example videos of simulation models used by mining companies.

Mosimtec has provided comprehensive and insightful models for over a hundred successful modeling projects for our clients located throughout the globe. By using industry-leading advanced simulation software, we can enable you to succeed with powerful insights designed to improve your mining operation. Contact us to learn how our mining simulation software will improve your mine.

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