MOSIMTEC designated Premier Partner for Simio in Canada

(March 2015) Calgary, Alberta – MOSIMTEC Canada Inc., has been designated as the Premier Partner for Simio® simulation software in Canada. MOSIMTEC will provide Simio training, technical support, mentoring and model development services to government and business across Canada. 

MOSIMTEC Canada Inc., the consulting firm that enables businesses to leverage modern advancements in predictive analytics, is proud to announce that is has been designated as the Premier Partner for Simio® simulation software in Canada. Simio has a worldwide business partner program that is designed to deliver Simio-based simulation solutions to customers.

Simio® simulation software is intuitive, object oriented, multi paradigm software delivered by Simio LLC. Simio® is created by a team of experienced simulation software developers led by Dennis Pegden, former founder and CEO of Systems Modeling Corporation. The recently released Simio® software is built on the latest .NET technology from Microsoft and has built-in integration with Trimble® 3D Warehouse, formerly Google® 3D Warehouse. Simio® is extremely powerful for advanced simulation model builders and yet intuitive and easy to use.

Simio is best of breed. It is intuitive enough to quickly master for solving simple models that I might have attempted with Excel, but is powerful and extensible enough to rapidly model extremely complex operational systems without compromise, providing timely & valuable insights.” said Kevin Hanson, President of MOSIMTEC Canada Inc. “It is a simulation product that you can grow into; two of its forte’s are simulation based scheduling and the ability to link to real-time data sources at either the process/asset level, or the ERP level.

As a Premier Simio® Partner in Canada, MOSIMTEC will offer the Simio training and conduct industry-specific workshops for individuals in academia, government and commercial organizations. MOSIMTEC is uniquely positioned to provide business and process simulation services. The 3-day Simio Standard Training classes are being offered at various locations across North America. Private custom on-site classes are available upon request.

Simio is a fourth generation simulation platform that is designed for modelers, not programmers. It enables the modeler to focus on replicating the problem domain in a computer sandbox to study it across space and time. Whether you are a mining engineer estimating the number of trucks needed or a hospital administrator testing various staffing or layout changes, users can conduct experiments with their system under various operating conditions without costly real-world changes.

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MOSIMTEC Canada Inc. is the Canadian operations of MOSIMTEC LLC., a North America based professional services firm, assisting clients in making better decisions through the application of advanced decision support tools. MOSIMTEC leverages modern advancements in modeling and simulation science and technology to solve complex issues for clients across various industries. We provide consulting, training and software support in model development, computer simulation, validation, verification, and output analysis. The MOSIMTEC team has extensive experience working with leading computer simulation software. MOSIMTEC helps predict outcomes, prescribe actions and improve operations for clients across various industries.

About Simio (

Simio software predicts operation risk, error and cost faster for executives. As a private company headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Simio LLC is dedicated to delivering breakthrough solutions for the design, analysis and scheduling of complex systems. Simio LLC was founded by C. Dennis Pegden, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, a recognized industry leader working with a core team having 34 years of experience delivering breakthrough technology in simulation and scheduling. Simio® is object-oriented simulation software with a unique mix of simplicity and flexibility that lets users improve performance of dynamic systems and identify and avoid risk fast.

Saurabh ParakhMOSIMTEC designated Premier Partner for Simio in Canada
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