Oil and Gas Transload Facility


Customer is designing and developing improvements at an existing facility to increase their terminal and trans-loading business. Use modeling and simulation technology to represent the system in a dynamic environment, therein incorporating inherent variability, to validate the design and make informed decisions.

Overall project benefits include:

  • Provide throughput related design input for engineering with regards to the infrastructure being designed and installed.
  • Provide experimental feedback for developing the operational logic for efficient business operations.
  • Serve as basis for optimization studies for increasing the profitability and quality of services provided to customers.

Early quantifiable benefits realized through model based input*:

  • Minimum $70K saving in Phase 1 by optimal resource scheduling
  • $350K / year saving by avoiding three 2-hour delays per month.
  • Additional 2 trains per week site capacity.

* Actual project result modified to protect client confidential information


  • Consulting
  • Simio

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