Common Materials Warehouse


Customer is designing a common materials supermarket to support replenishment of parts to assembly lines manufacturing 3 series of vehicles (50+ models).  Use simulation technology to test different replenishment methods for each of the 5000+ parts stored in the supermarket.

Overall project benefits include:

  • Identify the number of docks needed, their location and purpose to support smooth flow of materials in and out of the supermarket.
  • Manpower analysis: determine number of human resources needed and the tasks that needs to be performed by them.
  • Determine physical storage and staging space needed to minimize bottlenecks and maximize throughput.

Early quantifiable benefits realized through model based input:

  • Saved $240,000 by re-assigning tasks to workers across floor.
  • Eliminated need for 2 dock doors and reduced trailer processing times by ~200% by relocating door location.


  • Consulting
  • Simio
  • Support

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