MOSIMTEC’s experienced team offer Modeling & Simulation training for professionals that are either getting started or are seasoned. We bring real-world lessons learned from our consulting engagement to build your knowledge from the ground up, share best practices, identify pitfalls and help you build solutions for your area of interest.

Modeling is one of the ways to solve complex problems that appear in the real world. In many cases we cannot afford to find the right solutions by playing with real objects like buildings, people, equipment etc. because they are either very expensive, dangerous or just not feasible. Using modern computing technology we can build a model of the real world with user controlled level of detail or abstraction. You can then run a simulation (2D or 3D) for various real-world scenarios to narrow down the solution. Simulation allows you to play with various what-if scenarios without breaking ground.

There are various modeling approaches: System Dynamics, Discrete Event or Agent-based. Hence, there are various tools that support these different approaches. Some require a fair degree of knowledge of statistics or programming. Other tools may require knowledge of the industry, e.g. transportation or supply chain. MOSIMTEC team offers training on some of the leading simulation packages, including Simio.

MOSIMTEC offers these Simio courses

This one-day course provides a fast start to using Simio to effectively solve real problems. It starts with a brief overview of simulation technology and appropriate use, and the Simio modeling framework. Then the Simio Standard Library is used to solve a variety of problems exploring the fixed and dynamic objects, and the various ways entities move through the model and interact with other objects. It then overviews innovative features to work with model data and ends with interpretation of simulation results.

This course is appropriate for all audiences and is recommended for those who may use simulation infrequently, or who desire a lighter command of simulation technology. In particular the early sessions of the course are appropriate for those who manage or work with simulation professionals.

This four-day training session starts with the same material covered in the Introduction to Simio course. Significant time will be spent on extending model logic with add-on processes and building object definitions. It will add extra depth to the previously covered topics of working with model data and interpreting simulation results. It will end with a discussion of how to ensure the success of your simulation projects. This course is often supplemented with topics of special interest to the attendees and/or project jump-start advice. This course is recommended for anyone who is interested in doing large or frequent simulation projects.

Price: USD 1,980 per attendee

This two- to three-day course is similar to the Simio Standard Training, but will focus on the Simio product itself, and will not cover general simulation topics like appropriate use of simulation, simulation benefits, statistical analysis, and project success skills. It covers all of the Simio-specific topics at a slightly faster pace and in greater detail. This course is often supplemented with topics of special interest to the attendees and/or project jump-start advice.

This course is appropriate only for technical people with previous simulation background.

On-site, custom, and virtual courses are also available on demand. Contact us for more information.

Price: USD 10,000 plus Expenses for 4-Day On-Site Training (Up to 6 participants)

MOSIMTEC offers a variety of training and mentoring programs. Download our Mentoring Program brochure.

Training Classes

Simio Standard Training

Feb 14-17, 2017

Washington, DC

Mar 7-10, 2017

Norfolk, VA

Apr 4-7, 2017

Washington, DC

Apr 25-28, 2017

Calgary, AB

May 9-12, 2017

Washington, DC

May 23-26, 2017

Toronto, ON

Jun 6-9, 2017

Washington, DC

Jun 20-23, 2017

Calgary, AB

Jul 11-14, 2017

Nashville, TN

Jul 25-28, 2017

Vancouver, BC

More dates...

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our clients said

  • We had a good time and learned a lot … Thanks for all your help.

    Director, National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • What I liked most about the workshop was the customized examples based on Simio simbits as well as my own situations.

    Lean six sigma black-belt, Air Products and Chemicals
  • I had a great experience learning Simio and Simulation in general. Having been away from Simulation for quite a while, I was bit concerned about this course, but workshop settings, teaching style and custom examples made that concern disappear. In fact, ... I felt so invigorated that I wanted to get back to building a model as soon as I get back to my office.

    Industrial Engineer, Chemical Producer