Simio Simulation Software

Get The Simulation Tool That Works Right Out Of The Box, No Coding Needed. Learn More About Simio.

Simulation doesn’t need to be a complicated procedure. Simio uses simple drag and drop design to quickly and easily get you started on the optimization process, without needing specialized skills.

Simio simulation software:

  • Is simple to use
  • Includes powerful reporting tools
  • Uses drag and drop design - no coding needed
  • Includes crisp, high-quality animations
  • Provides ability to extend models to support production scheduling

Simio Simulation Software

Simio is a unique multi-paradigm modeling tool that combines the simplicity of drag and drop objects with the flexibility of predesigned processes to provide a rapid modeling capability without requiring programming.

Simio can be used to predict and improve the performance of dynamic, complex systems in healthcare, military, airports, manufacturing, supply chain, ports, mining, lean-six-sigma, and other disciplines.

Simio’s straightforward drag-and-drop interface allows users to create models quickly and easily. The advanced simulation tool offered in Simio provides superior flexibility and the ability to quickly model your system without compromise. Simio is rapid modeling without programming so profits accrue sooner. Simio is simulation software that works as quickly as you need it to.

Simio is a simulation modeling framework based on intelligent objects. These objects are built by modelers and then may be reused in multiple modeling projects. Simio also supports the seamless use of multiple modeling paradigms including event, process, object, and agent-based modeling.

Intelligent object-based simulation software is the future of simulation. But what can you do if you are still teaching yesterday’s technology? Simio makes it easy to obtain, learn and teach what your students need to be successful. The resources of the Simio Academic Community support your objectives to stay ahead of the technology curve and meet the demands of next generation technology.

Simio makes top quality, state-of-the-art software available to professors, students, and researchers at no cost to the institution and minimal cost to students. To that end, Simio have a suite of products available to meet your needs.

Simio provides a collection of free training videos suitable for the new user first learning how to model with Simio, as well as experienced modelers looking for some ideas on how to approach specific modeling situations.

If you plan to evaluate Simio using the free version, we recommend that you use the six short introductory lessons to guide you through your first modeling exercises. In one hour you will be able to start building and running models in Simio.

The Simio Advantage

Lower total cost of ownership delivers faster results with less investment needed in both time and money.

Integrated 3D technology provides an immersive visual experience.

True object-oriented design makes Simio easy to extend.

Modern user interface to simplify learning and using.

Advanced architecture to help you meet evolving needs.

Academic support to meet the needs of education.

Simio Training

MOSIMTEC’s experienced team offers comprehensive training designed to help you get started with simulation modeling and developing advanced skills. We bring real-world lessons learned from our consulting engagements to help you build knowledge from the ground up. We share best practices, identify pitfalls, and help clients fast-track solutions for their areas of focus.

MOSIMTEC is the official Simio® training provider for North America and provides regular multi-day Simio standard training and also standard or customized on-site Simio® tutorials and training.

Find more information about upcoming classes by MOSIMTEC in your area.

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Simio Product Matrix

Identify the version that meets your requirements

Features/Applications Personal Edition Design Edition Team Edition Enterprise Edition
Unlimited model size (limited only by your computer resources).
Advanced 3D modeling/animation with built-in interface to the expansive Google Warehouse graphics library.
Rapid modeling of complex workflows using the Standard Object Library.
Advanced material handling including accumulating/fixed conveyors and on-demand/fixed route vehicles.
Flexible resource modeling including moveable workers, dynamic selection rules, and flexible work schedules.
User-defined relational data tables for interfacing to enterprise data.
Support for 3rd party add-ins such as optimization (OptQuest).
Advanced experimentation, analysis, and reporting features for defining scenarios and interpreting results.
Serve as Full Runtime software for models created in Design or Team Edition.
View custom dashboard results created by others.
Share the software between multiple users via a floating license. (Option)
Graphically create processes for unlimited modeling of complex modeling situations.
Combine objects and processes within a model to customize object behavior.
Create and use custom object libraries for specific application areas.
Create models for use with Interactive Runtime using the free evaluation version of Simio.
Create custom dashboard reports for others to use.
Distribute scenarios and replications across other computers in your workgroup.
States in tables support incorporation of output data into tables.
Resource and Entity Gantt charts to graphically illustrate resource usage and constraints over time.
User-definable Targets with both deterministic (plan) and stochastic (risk) analysis.
A Constraint Log which aids in identifying bottlenecks and determining how best to improve a facilityŐs operation.
Works with Simio Scheduling Edition for deployment of a customized tool for schedulers.
Supplement standard reports like Resource Dispatch with custom dashboard reports on planning data


View videos of models developed by MOSIMTEC using Simio Simulation Software

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