Who do we help?

Owners and operators of green-field facilities or brown-field investments

Producers of low-volume-high-value products

Makers of high-volume commodity products

We use simulation to help you with …

Production scheduling

Earned-value management (EVM)

Assembly line throughput analysis

Material replenishment strategies

Integration with warehouses & 3PL

Yard management

Line balancing

Inventory sizing

How we add value

  1. Simulate your production facility using 3D CAD drawings to determine best layout.
  2. Communicate with all levels of the organization with realistic 3D animation.
  3. Quantify resource utilization and optimal job assignments for your workers.
  4. Independently validate the design of your green-field investment.
  5. Compare performance gains under different operating scenarios.
  6. Experiment with different product mixes and volumes.
  7. Model new production process to analyze impact.

Simulator vs. Emulator

Simulator = for analysis or study

Emulator = for usage as a substitute

A simulator is an environment which models but an emulator is one that replicates the usage as on the original device or system.

Why you need to use dynamic modeling & simulation?


Too many factors and inter-dependencies make it impossible to represent in a spreadsheet.


You are most likely designing for the worst-case scenario by over capitalizing.

The real world is not static, why should a design of a system be based on averages.

Case Studies

See how simulation has been applied in Manufacturing

Common Materials Warehouse

Common Materials Warehouse

Assembly Line - Development of Materials Replenishment Strategy model

Medical Device Manufacturer

Medical Device Manufacturer

Throughput Analysis & Scheduling Algorithm Optimization

A Steel Corporation

A Steel Corporation

Risk-based Planning & Scheduling (RPS) to predict the probability of meeting time and cost targets.

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Risk-based Planning & Scheduling (RPS) to buy down variation in the schedule.

Nissan Europe Engineering

Nissan Europe Engineering

Automobile assembly line model

our clients said

  • It is difficult to express our immense gratitude for all of the brainpower and work you have put into this model.  Today was a monumental day for the organization to finally see the systems modeling approach become real!  After today's call, we were all excitedly discussing how much this model will help the anti-trafficking field.

    Director, Global Operations and Regional Coordination, Global Fund to End Slavery
  • We previously said the sky's the limit, but now we believe that the sky is no longer the limit. -TechCrunch

    Andy Pan, VP of Policy and Legal Affairs at DJI
  • Light years ahead of all of our other customers. Need to know what you're going to do, before you do what you are going to do.

    Specialist Rail Network Capacity, Class I Rail Carrier