Who do we help?

On and off-shore oil extraction and production companies

Midstream service providers including rail, truck and pipeline operators

Refineries, processing companies and export terminals

We use simulation to help you with …

End-to-end hydrocarbon supply chain analysis

Resource scheduling

Tank farm capacity planning

Rail yard design validation

Disaster response procedure simulation

Oil rig and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) planning

Transportation network testing

Terminal design validation

Why you need to use dynamic modeling & simulation?


Too many factors and inter-dependencies make it impossible to represent in a spreadsheet. For instance, a significant cost to upstream supply activity is the chartering and operating of an Offshore Service Vessel (OSV) / Platform Service Vessel (PSV). Using modeling to determine the best carrying capacity, total fleet capacity, and fleet configuration supports the decision-making.


You are most likely designing for the worst-case scenario by over capitalizing. Use simulation to decide where and when to invest in assets, schedule resources and identify bottlenecks to help you make an informed decision.

Throughput volumes, transit cycle times, and identification of bottlenecks through the use of modeling & simulation provides insight into how the system meets, exceeds or falls short of key performance metrics.

Case Studies

See how simulation has been applied in Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Transload Facility

Oil and Gas Transload Facility

Development of Transload Facility Model for Analyzing Capacity Constraints

Chemical Manufacturer

Chemical Manufacturer

Integrated Global Supply Chain Model

our clients said

  • We had a good time and learned a lot … Thanks for all your help.

    Director, National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • It is difficult to express our immense gratitude for all of the brainpower and work you have put into this model.  Today was a monumental day for the organization to finally see the systems modeling approach become real!  After today's call, we were all excitedly discussing how much this model will help the anti-trafficking field.

    Director, Global Operations and Regional Coordination, Global Fund to End Slavery
  • The course provided a great overview of the software as well as a good base to begin building models and refining our skills through repetition.  It was exactly what I was looking for.

    Senior Engineer, Vehicle Manufacturer
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