MOSIMTEC, LLC as Authorized Representative of Simio LLC

(January 2012) McLean, VA – MOSIMTEC is proud to announce a new partnership and Authorized Representative status with Simio, LLC, developer of 3D simulation software. Simio has a worldwide business partner program that is designed to deliver Simio-based simulation solutions to customers.

Simio is a SImulation Modeling framework based on Intelligent Objects. Simio® is object-oriented simulation software offering intelligent objects and the ability to model any system rapidly without compromise. Simio® was created by a team of experienced simulation software developers led by Dr. Dennis Pegden, former founder and CEO of Systems Modeling Corporation. Simio® is built on .NET technology, has built-in integration with Google 3D Warehouse, and was designed to be both powerful for advanced users and easy for beginners.

MOSIMTEC is a Virginia based small-business, assisting clients to make better decisions through the application of decision support tools. The MOSIMTEC team has extensive experience working with leading computer simulation software and solving complex issues for clients across various industries.

About Simio, LLC (
Simio software predicts operation risk, error and cost faster for executives. As a private company headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Simio LLC is dedicated to delivering breakthrough solutions for the design, analysis and scheduling of complex systems. Simio LLC was founded by C. Dennis Pegden, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, a recognized industry leader working with a core team having 34 years of experience delivering breakthrough technology in simulation and scheduling. Simio® is object-oriented simulation software with a unique mix of simplicity and flexibility that lets users improve performance of dynamic systems and identify and avoid risk fast.

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