MOSIMTEC offers software grant to Old Dominion University

(December 2014) Herndon, VA – MOSIMTEC is offering an annual grant to the Modeling & Simulation undergraduate program (MSVE) at Old Dominion University to encourage engineering students to explore the field of modeling and simulation. 

MOSIMTEC is a modeling & simulation services firm based out of Washington DC providing consulting, training and software services to client across a range of industries. As an industry member of the Virginia Modeling, Analysis, Simulation Center (VMASC), we wanted to strengthen the position of the pioneering undergraduate program in Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Engineering (MSVE) at Old Dominion University.

We can achieve this by ensuring students have access to the best simulation software and training materials. We strongly feel that the MSVE program should use Simio Simulation Software (http://www.simio.com) for teaching discrete event simulation to students as part of their education for a number of reasons:

  • Demand in the market for Simio talent – At MOSIMTEC we are always looking for talented professionals with knowledge of Simio and observing a similar demand from the industry.
  • Easier to attract talent to engineering programs if you use the latest tools and technologies that will excite students.  Universities that have switched to Simio have received very positive feedback from students.
  • Simio is easier to learn for students.
  • Simio is taught in over 800 universities across the world with textbooks in multiple languages.

Bottom line is that MOSIMTEC considers Simio to be a very superior product and MUST be taught or used as part of any M&S program. Simio instills object-based thinking (helps move away from ‘structured programming’ approach), provides great 3D visualization to engage the young creative minds, and provides an introduction to data visualization (Simio dashboards) which is a key skill for any engineering job – if you cannot communicate, you cannot sell your ideas.

To help our combined cause of promoting the next generation of ‘simulationists’, MOSIMTEC is offering an annual grant to the MSVE program to cover the cost of purchasing Simio software and Simio textbooks for students.

Jeff Brelsford, co-founder and partner at MOSIMTEC is an alumnus of the graduate program at ODU. He said “…Two main reasons Simio is a better fit for teaching M&S at ODU when compared to other software currently in use is that it enables the teaching of Object Oriented model development concepts like inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction and Secondly, the ability of Simio to perform input parameter analyses like attribution analysis instead of performing multiple regression analysis of input variables. These benefits alone will help students learn multiple concepts simultaneously on a single platform“.

About MOSIMTEC, LLC (http://mosimtec.com)

MOSIMTEC is a Washington, DC based professional services firm, assisting clients in making better decisions through the application of advanced decision support tools. MOSIMTEC leverages modern advancements in modeling and simulation science and technology to solve complex issues for clients across various industries.  We provide consulting, training and software support in model development, computer simulation, validation, verification, and output analysis. The MOSIMTEC team has extensive experience working with leading computer simulation software. MOSIMTEC helps predict outcomes, prescribe actions and improve operations for clients across various industries.

About Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering (MSVE) program at Old Dominion University (ODU) (http://www.odu.edu/msve)

The MSVE Department offers an undergraduate four-year degree program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Modeling and Simulation Engineering (BS-M&SE). The department also offers programs of graduate study leading to the degrees Master of Engineering, Master of Science, Doctor of Engineering, and Doctor of Philosophy with a major in Modeling and Simulation. The department’s academic programs are coupled with a strong department research program conducted jointly with researchers from the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC). Research activities range from investigation of fundamental modeling and simulation methods and technologies to applications of modeling and simulation in the domains of medicine and health care, transportation, education and gaming, science and engineering, homeland security and defense, and business enterprise decision support.

Saurabh ParakhMOSIMTEC offers software grant to Old Dominion University
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